Monday, October 29, 2007

Second Chances

After viewing the taped version of Legally Blond a second time and listening to the cd, I have to confess I might have been a bit premature to write it off as just ok. Maybe I was just in a hurry or distracted the first time. The cd is in the main tray of my car right now and I can't get some of the music out of my head- a welcomed relief from "There's No Business Like..." well, you know the rest. The best number in Legally Blond is track three- "What You Want". Give it a listen and if you didn't see the MTV version, try to see it. It is pleasant viewing and best of all ,you get to see the Broadway show with most of the original cast fo free instead of paying a hundred bucks!

There are very few shows that capture me the first listening of. Aida was one, Side Show was another, The Secret Garden stuck with me for a while too. I have a bunch a bunch a bunch of cast albums- those of you that have seen them will agree- and many of them have only been listened to once or not all the way through. The Max and Laura version of Grease is horrible- sounds like they recorded it in a mason jar. I haven't made it through that one yet and probably won't. That has me thinking- I shall put my top ten list of show albums and see if anyone agrees or disagrees. There are those cds that I didn't fully appreciate until I saw the show- those I will mark as well. Yes, I have a little time on my hands now.

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