Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Yo-Manda!

If you didn't know, today is Amanda's birthday. Here she is with Minnie Mouse celebrating. We all know Amanda is a very nice person, however, you should never get her mad. So in order to make sure no one has to suffer her wrath, here are some little known facts that you SHOULD NOT ask her about.
Never ask Amanda about her age- she is very sensitive. I'm not going to tell you how old she is, but let's just say when God said "Let there be light," Amanda said, "Whew! I thought I was blind." When George Washington had trouble with his wooden dentures, Amanda said "Here, borrow mine." How old is Amanda? Don't ask her- we are not sure homeschoolers can count that high. The only person that might know would be a certain waitress at Outback that was surprised to know that Amanda had spent a short amount of time in prison. I know, I know- I was just as surprised. But so you won't think I'm a fibber, I found some pictures to share.
As part of the women's correctional facility's rehab, the "crew" had to do community service. Here they are painting the restroom at the Hot Spot. Strangley enough, several hot dogs went missing that day.

She also had to pick up road kill on the side of the road. Judging from the color, I would say it has been there a while.
Here they are picking up trash. Ignore the whole poor children thing around them, that was just for pity and promotional use for the prison.

She also spent a bit of time in the psycho ward of a community hospital. They made dolls of themselves and then would recreate moments of "straying" from the path. It was a good way to see how choices can affect your future and how different choices could have kept her time in the pokie to be only a thought.

This is how I really know how old Amanda is. You can really see the age diffence between her and Everett.


Amanda said...

Wow! Thanks a lot - that was special.
I laughed out loud. :)
I especially like the part about the psychos and the age difference between me and Ev.

KG said...

SSSOOOOOOO Funny!!!!!!!!! I needed a good laugh this morning, and this was definitely it!!