Friday, November 30, 2007

More Simple Things- Oh So Good

Ok, so last night I was driving home and my need gas light came on. I pulled into the hot spot and proceeded to pump gas. As I was standing in the cold, I remembered that one of my students had told me earlier that day about all the flavored capucinos and hot cocos they have there. How good can it be? I've had gas station coco before and it is pretty much brown water, but by the time my gas tank was full, I was freezing and decided I didn't care as long as it was hot and would thaw me out. I ran inside and headed over to the long row of machines (yes, the dr. pepper slushie is still there- yay!) to find and entire land of flavors! I stood for a moment... contemplating... reading each label... guessing my mood... I got it narrowed down to cinnamon bun capucino, chocolate candy cane capucino, smore hot chocolate (yes! smore!) or coconut and almond hot chocolate. I chose the chocolate candy cane capucnio- because I had been listining to Christmas music on my way there. Heaven in a cup I tell you. But then, just when it couldn't get any better I get the coconut and almond hot chocolate this morning. Thick, creamy, dreamy. Later today I think I hear the cinnamon bun capucino calling. It is going to have to be pretty darn good do beat my coco this morning. Yes friends, I tell you- dreams do come true at the hot spot.

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