Monday, November 19, 2007

Wow, What a Day

This morning I get to the Fine Arts Building to find all of our Treasure Island set and costumes thrown to the sides of the stage, screws strown here and there, everything in a place that it was not when I left on Friday and half eaten meals, bottle upon bottle of water, peanut pakcs with no peanuts in the pack because they are all over the floor and hay. There was a program in there this weekend- one, which I might add, where some one gets paid handsomley to clean up after- that was obviously not supervised. Yes, I'm venting via blog while I wait for some one in the office to come around so I can speak my thoughts about the whole situation. I'm very tired of having to clean up the auditorium on Monday before I can begin class. If I make the mess, I will clean it up. If some one else renting the space makes the mess, I will no longer be passive about the situation. Peanuts- I guess they were hungery. Water- I guess they were thirsty. Hay- you've got me there.

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