Monday, November 05, 2007

Simple Things

Everybody thinks I'm so complex, some even say high matinence. I scoff. It takes so little to keep me happy. For example:

Hot Spot now has Dr. Pepper slushies. I think I teared up when I first saw the machine.

I found Christmas cotten candy at the grocery store last night. Only 99 cents a bag, and it's enough to make you feel gross when you are only half way through the bag.

Pens that blink, buzz or make me laugh- I don't even care if they write.

Skittles gum- the original is the best (combine one green, one orange and one yellow for perfection) that now also comes in carnival flavors. Red is candy apple, blue is cotton candy.

Snickers icecream cones or sandwiches.

Outback croutons- need I say more.

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