Wednesday, April 14, 2010

After Rehearsal

After rehearsal tonight, Nikki and I went driving around town. Before we were married we would do that quite a bit. Not because we particularly enjoyed crusin', but because we would enjoy the summer air through the moon roof or in the winter look at Christmas lights. Tonight we went on a hunt for food. Do you ever have a craving for something and you have no idea what it is you want. That was me tonight. Before rehearsal, Nikki had Subway. I don't eat before because I know it will keep me from jumping around as hyper as should. Nothing sounded good- Taco Bell still isn't on my list after getting the stomach bug on a night after tacos... that's all we will say about that.

We drove around in circles and after going over every option went home to watch the recording of American Idol tonight while munching on a frozen pizza which was lodged in the back of our freezer... just beyond the mountains of butter and buns. Nikki has a complex- she thinks as soon as you buy a box of butter, you put it in the freezer as well as any type of bread. I, on the other hand, believe if you are not going to eat it before it goes bad, don't buy it or buy a smaller portion. Bread that has been in the freezer is like gum that has already been chewed. I don't like it and will not say I will never eat it, but as long as I can buy it fresh, what is in the freezer will stay in the freezer. I think it gives Nikki comfort in case of a stock market crash.

Rehearsals are going very nice. Usual sloppy dance steps. Usual problem with actors forgetting to pick up their props and thus drinking from an "air" glass. Usual changes that everyone has to adjust to at this time in a show. It will all work out and be a great, fun show.

I have always been a person who does better at night. Mornings are painful. As time goes by, my clock is getting more and more turned upside down and I find myself staying up later and later because I can get lots of creative stuff done at night. Mainly because I have no distractions. During the day at work, everyone is always busy and you can get called away to something else while in the middle of a project. I like to work at night, but not with anyone else unless they are really fun. You fun people know who you are. If you are reading this and you are wondering if you are on my fun list, don't ask. You might be disappointed. Just kidding- you are all fun... except when you get tired and whiny.

I'm still craving, but what, I don't know. As many of you know, Nikki and I never have food at our house, but tonight I was noticing we have tons of items that go on food- spices, toppings, ketchup (the mother of all toppings), and cake frosting. Cake frosting?

Excuse me while I get a spoon.

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