Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fat America

I was just on my way back to the theatre for tonight's show, when suddenly I got an urge for a cherry limeade from Sonic on this beautiful afternoon. As I pulled to the window, my urge became adventurous and I decided to try a watermelon limeade. The car in front of me is shouting her order at the call box loud enough for the folks over at McDonald's drive through to hear. And she says, "Do I have to get tots with my combo or can I choose another side?" The voice on the other end of the box says, "No, you can choose another side for forty cents more." "Ok." she says, "Give me a number nine as big as it gets." Whatever you do, America, do not blame school lunches for creating a society of fatsoes. Incidently, the watermelon limeade is quite good, the cherry has more of a bite when in need of a sugar zap, but the watermelon a smooth cadence much like that of a relaxing afternoon.

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