Monday, April 26, 2010

Go, Go, Go Joseph... Gone

We finished up Joseph this past weekend. The show went very well- it will always be one of my favorites and very important in terms of the grand scope of my life as an actor, director, producer. I learned so much from this show the first time I did it twelve years ago. I would consider this production as a creative success. I think everyone did a wonderful job with the presentation of it. I loved the look of the show and although I look back and see so many things that I would "fix" which most people would not even notice... but I would. I would like to have seen more people in the audience, but it was a very stormy weekend and there is just so much going on right now that people are having to make choices as to what they see. In the past two weeks we have had six different shows playing. Folks have to make their choices. I understand, but I certainly enjoyed watching the cast during all the rehearsals and from the wings on show nights. Great work, kids! I will post pictures soon.

Beauty and the Beast rehearsals begin tomorrow night (Tuesday). Strangely enough, after one night of rest I am ready to dive in. I just hope my body can keep up with my mind. I just hope everyone else can keep up with my mind.

One week from today, Nikki and I will be giving our creativity a punch of excitement. Nothing like sunshine, palm trees and a little Disney pixie dust to make your imagination soar. Hold on, the next six weeks are going to be a great and crazy ride. I will not have to eat any fiber- I will be swallowing about nine pounds of yak fur per performance. I promise not to spit on anyone.

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