Friday, May 12, 2006

Celebrations, Cuts & Cake

You'll be very happy to know that I celebrated my "milestone" last night. Nothing big, just simple, fun and very pleasant. Actually, it was so good I'm going to have to think of other moments to be declared "milestones" so I can celebrate them as well. Ishould be very ready for B & B rehearsals to resume. As for The Wiz, we tightened some things up today which included cutting two small scenes. They really weren't crutial to the main story and it felt as if those scenes were slowing down the action. We were able to cut another ten minutes off of the pace of the show, before we even cut those scenes. Everything is up and ready to be costumed now- that's when everything falls apart again. But alas, the show does go on! By the way, thanks to Betsey for giving us the top front page of the Macon News in color! Big weekend ahead- setting lights, sorting props and finalizing sets- plus another wedding to go to. Where will I find the time? I'll make time for dancing and cake. Ah, the excitement of showtime!!!

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