Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Going in Circles

I'm in a funk right now. I have clothes to pull, things to hot glue and two styrofoam trees waiting on me outside to be painted... and what am I doing? Going around in circles, constantly getting side tracked with another list. Earlier today I got a sudden burst of creative energy and focused it in the wrong place saying crackpot things faster than I realized I was saying them. Boy, I was in a mood. Hopefully I'm known better by someone to realize I was being serious. I was a massive heap of giddy insults- whew! And now, my trees still wait. It is a strange thing to be working on one show while another one is running through your brain. I have to stop and write down my ideas or draw a picture so I don't lose those thoughts. I guess it is my own little form of being bi-polar. Did I mention I am starving too. I've been skipping lunch in favor of working then getting something to eat after school that fills in the space of both lunch and dinner. Anyway, while I think about how hungry I am my trees are not painting themselves.

On a better note, B & B scripts came today!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You were being serious? Or did you mean you weren't being serious.