Saturday, September 25, 2010

Extended Stay

We were supposed to come home today. We didn't. We will be home tomorrow. Instead we had one more day of fun, food, entertainment and inspiration. You don't realize how fried your brain and body are until you actual wind down a bit. We started the day at the studios for lunch, then headed to Magic Kingdom for a final ride on Splash Mountain and finally to Epcot for a wonderful Italian dinner. We ended with the final performance of The American Adventure (hosted by Ben Franklin and Mark Twain in the photo)- what I think is the greatest show produced on Disney property. I also have a cool story about this show when I get a chance to talk about the back stage tour. All in all, the weather was great and the company was even better. Trying to decided right now when the next break will be when we can return- Christmas maybe? Oh well, heigh ho, heigh ho. Back to work I go. M-I-C... See you
real soon.


Amanda said...

Why am I not surprised. :)
I'm glad you two are enjoying your stay and decided to extend it. Have a safe trip

Wright Family said...

starting your day going somewhere for lunch sounds like the perfect vacation..