Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A mickey statue of Vinylmations. Too fun! Today we set out on a mission to find two specific styles- a yellow swirl and a Buzz from the Toy Story collection. Even Nikki has gotten into it with the whole weighing and shaking of the boxes. Got the yellow swirl (I was leaving the store and heard the box calling to me) but Buzz is still out. Amanda and Paul met us at Epcot for laser show and Vinylmation searches (Paul is just as bad as me.) We've found everyone but Buzz! Friday morning at D-Street, there is an artist presentation with some special commemorative items. Paul and I are going to check it out and leave the girls to sleeping. I am afraid to post a picture of the ones I have purchased because both Nikki and I have lost count. When she sees them it will give her more ammunition for shopping tomorrow.

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