Sunday, September 19, 2010

We Are Sports Fanatics!

Bet the title of that post threw a lot of you. Since Nikki and I are Disney pass holders, we got a really great deal on a resort for the week. The only thing is, it was only available at the sports resort. No big deal, all we do is sleep there to build our strength for the following day of play. I took this photo to counter any idea that Nikki our myself have inflated egos. Neither of our heads would even come close to fitting in this helmet. See what I mean about being sports people- Nikki thinks this is a football pose. Sadly, I couldn't tell if it was or not either.


Wright Family said...

I'll admit it.. I was thrown...C

cjw said...

I've been wondering if you'd joined this whole fantasy football thing with Amanda, but assumed you hadn't so this title totally threw me :)