Friday, September 03, 2010

What Am I Doing Awake at This Moment? Thinking.

One would think I should be sleeping. I am not. That seems to be a virus going around lately: Go to bed, can't sleep, get up, be grumpy the next day. I've caught it... except for the grumpy part... we shall see. Why can none of us sleep? We've become chronic late night thinkers. Instead of letting our brains refresh like normal folks, it keeps on going even when the rest of the body is screaming lay down.

It's true- for about the past year I have even been working in my sleep. Actually, I've done it long before that, it was just recently brought to my attention. Nikki says I have this jerk thing I do when I'm asleep. She can ask me the next morning what I was dreaming (thinking) about in my sleep- go figure it is usually about a show- and then she tells me I had the jerks. It is nothing to be frightened of, I'm not flailing my body across the mattress. Just little tiny movements, although sometimes large enough to wake me up.

Back in the spring, we went to bed after a busy day. I started dozing into dreamland- you know that place where you are beginning to fall asleep, but you are still semi-aware of what is going on around you. Anyway, here I am my body thinking I'm in one place and my mind thinking I'm in another when Nikki says, "What are you doing? You are jerking in your sleep!" I wasn't jerking, I was merely choreographing Joseph in my dreams. Yea, I was dancing in the bed... half asleep... half awake... didn't even know I was doing it, but yet at the same time, I did. Yes, this is the point where you can say, "What planet is your brain from?"

What makes it even worse, Nikki has started the same thing- even waking herself up too. I must have been doing the hand jive last night because she said I elbowed her forehead- it was the first instance of dream choreography violence.

It's a bad thing to not be able to separate work from bed time. Oh well, most people try to sleep on the job. We just try to sleep at home. It's not working.

Anne Frank is coming along This show is keeping me awake- not because of the actors, so don't be paranoid if you are in the show and reading this. AF is a very small show, but there is a lot of detail. It's the details I'm sweating. If we had an entire year to work out details (character development) we still wouldn't have enough time. That goes for pulling props too. Amanda has been pulling/ making/ searching for props for days on end. Maybe that is why she is grumpy... just teasing (no I'm not, but I used special ink on these words and she can't read them.)

Nikki is out of town for a few days. Maybe that is why I am not asleep. I am very much a nester when it comes to Nikki. Although I know she is safe and at her current destination, I still feel uneasy about her not being where she is supposed to be at bed time.

I wish they would hurry up and build that super Wal-Mart. I could be getting some work done with 24 hour business hours. McDonald's is open- golden brown french fries. Mmmmmmm. No, Nikki, I'm not going right now and no, I'm not addicted to french fries... it's the ketchup.

I know Nikki is going to read this, look at the time it was posted and ask what were you thinking? That's just it- I was thinking, that's why I'm awake.

Do you realize we have been rehearsing something since the end of January. That means about nine to ten hours of building/ sewing/ paining during the day and rehearsals or concerts in the evening. I don't remember the last day I had free. But all that is going to change- after AF, I am am going to take three whole days where I don't do anything that requires thinking. Ok, maybe a little thinking- I have to decided which side of my waffle fries is going to get the ketchup.


npcorbin said...

What were you thinking? :)

Amanda said...

I have not been grumpy (much). I've just been to focused and driven these past few days to have time for silliness. :)