Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Pez Experiment

I was in the check-out line of Wal-Mart the other day and was looking over the various magazines and candies when I happened to see sitting at the top of the gum rack, a collection of Pez dispensers. There were various characters from the famous to the vague. As I dug through them (because I had nothing else to do, the cashier was taking her time) I found the Chicken Little Pez, all by himself. I thought, "He needs a good home." So, I bought him. To do what with? Who knows. All I know is that since the first time I saw that movie preview or advertisement in a magazine, I'm not sure which, I have been drawn to that pathetic little chicken. The movie wasn't that great- he was, but the movie wasn't. Great acting. I bought the soundtrack- not a great cd, but it has a really good song on it that will break your heart. My Chicken Little Pez is sitting on my desk at school beside my computer now. As I was thinking over some things today, he watched me and I began to connect with my plastic friend. Maybe I am drawn to that pathetic little chicken because I can identify with him, not that I'm a pathetic chicken, but because everyone thinks he's a little different or out there. Aren't all of us that claim to be show people. Maybe it is because he wears glasses- I wear glasses. Maybe it is because the first "real" play I ever did was Chicken Little with Mrs. Eldredge when I was in the first grade. Dunno, I'm just drawn to that face with the oversized green glasses.

He also got me thinking about how a person's personality can match a certain character, that is in the form of a pez. My goal for this summer is to match each of you to a pez. I have mine. I always seem to buy a huge amount of stuff when I go somewhere on an out of town trip or vacation. I've decided, that I don't need all of that stuff and that my new collection will be a unique and interesting pez I found on my journey. Yea, ya'll think I'm nuts! I've always had fun collecting things, and now I think I've gotten something new and fun to collect. I've got several people have given me- a Kermit, a Wonder Woman, a Mickey Mouse. I need to dig them out and create a display at school. I looked for one of those crazy tests that we pass around to see if one would match you to a pez, but couldn't find one. Maybe I'll make my own. What do you think? If you could pick a pez that most matched you personality, or should we say the concept you have of yourself- who would it be? Interesting, hmmmm? Be honest. You can call me CL for short.


Crabby said...

Let's see, my pez would have to be "Goofy". He's tall, he's skinny, and he's ....well, he's goofy!

#1StuntDouble said...

I'm going to let YOU try and figure out what my pez character is.

Anonymous said...

No confusion-some of us do not read this everyday. I can sing along to "Chapel..." without having to look at the words!
So, a pez for me-hmmm, I'll have to think on this one-so many choices, so little time.

Anonymous said...

I think your look with glasses is a lot different than the way CL looks...if you know what I mean.